“Michael Buffalo Smith begins Rebel Yellaptly with an insight of Charlie Daniels’, that the brotherhood between Southern musicians is the unifying force behind the genre “Southern Rock” more than any single musical style shared by bands from the South. Smith then invites us to sit at the table with the heroes and legends of the diverse genre: the players, technicians, crew members and friends.kudzoo_Tower

I know and love many of them, and they are captured faithfully. Listening to the rambling tale of the extended family my father Duane and his Allman Brothers gave birth to in 1969, the power of the brotherhood is palpable. It is fitting that this history is expressed in the vivid voices of the people who lived it, many who we have since lost. There is no prouder southern tradition than the love of storytelling, except maybe the love of playing music together. There are many twists and turns in this tale, some funny, some tragic, all fascinating and in the end, inspiring. Rebel Yell is a gift Smith has given back to the musicians he has always loved, and we all benefit from receiving it.”

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